Winn, Penobscot, Maine Business Directory

Winn is a small town in Penobscot County, Maine, with a population of around 400 residents. The town has a rural and tranquil atmosphere, and its business landscape is limited.

Agriculture and forestry are the primary industries in Winn, with local farms producing a variety of crops, and the timber sector contributing to the town's economic activity. Small local businesses, including convenience stores and service providers, cater to the needs of the community.

Winn's remote location and natural surroundings make it appealing to outdoor enthusiasts. The town is situated near lakes, forests, and recreational areas, which can attract businesses related to outdoor activities like hunting and fishing.

For a wider range of business options and services, residents often commute to nearby towns. Despite its small size, Winn offers a peaceful, rural lifestyle for those who prefer a quieter environment and a closer connection to nature. The business opportunities are limited compared to larger urban areas.

Companies trending this week
Company Name Charter Number Address Filling Date
LAKEVILLE SHORES, INC. 19880220 D LEE ROAD WINN, ME 04495 13/08/1987
MML LOGGING, INC. 20180730 D 7 OLD MILITARY ROAD WINN, ME 04495 12/03/2018
M & H LAND HOLDINGS, LLC 20080227DC PO BOX 96 WINN, ME 04495 24/07/2007
HERBERT C. HAYNES, INC. 19630070 D 40 RTE. 168 WINN, ME 04495 16/05/1963
DWINAL POND 4 SEASONS CLUB, INC. 19800213ND 1115 RT 168 WINN, ME 04495 16/01/1980