Squirrel Island, Lincoln, Maine Business Directory

Squirrel Island is a unique community located in Lincoln County, Maine. It is primarily a seasonal enclave that operates as a private island resort during the summer months, making it distinct from typical year-round towns.

During the summer season, Squirrel Island is a business-oriented destination, with a focus on hospitality and tourism. The island features a private club, accommodations, restaurants, and recreational activities for its seasonal residents and visitors. This business model sustains the island's economy during the warmer months.

However, in the winter, the island essentially becomes dormant as most facilities close, and its population significantly decreases, transitioning from a business-oriented to a quiet, residential community.

Squirrel Island offers a unique blend of seasonal commerce and a close-knit community atmosphere. It's a place for individuals seeking a peaceful summer retreat with access to the natural beauty of the Maine coast, all while enjoying a variety of amenities and services offered during the brief summer season.

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