West Minot, Androscoggin, Maine Business Directory

West Minot, located in Androscoggin County, Maine, is a small town with a limited business-oriented focus. Its economy primarily revolves around local commerce and small enterprises, often serving the needs of its residents.

The town maintains its rural character and offers a tranquil and close-knit community lifestyle. While it may not have the bustling business scene of larger cities, it provides a slower-paced, small-town way of life.

West Minot is known for its natural beauty and access to outdoor activities, thanks to its proximity to lakes, forests, and the Androscoggin River, which offer opportunities for fishing, hiking, and boating.

Given its limited business orientation, many West Minot residents may need to commute to neighboring towns or cities for employment and business opportunities.

West Minot's charm, peaceful surroundings, and strong community ties make it an attractive destination for those who value a quiet, rural lifestyle and are willing to explore business and job prospects in nearby areas.

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WEST MINOT MILLWORK, INC. 20030611 D PO BOX 98 WEST MINOT, ME 04288 15/10/2002